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current updates

for the past month, actually i’m trying to consolidate the stuffz for the final outcome

here are some sketches that i have in hand right now:


these are the clips that i dig out from my old iBook back in the 2007-2010; they serve as the building blocks for me




i decided to compose altogether 6 tracks for my final work

the tracklist are here:
a1 1984
a2 pier
a3 1394
b1 dismembered
b2 dialogue
b3 anshin

hopefully at least half of them will be ready when we meet up next time.
stay tuned.

a bit of testings


  audio in (in this pic it is the korg volca sample) => 4ms swash => moog murf midi => digitech supernatural ambient verb => dod delay dfx91   pedals order may vary but this is how i sculpt my sounds.

bits & pieces

sometimes i guess point form can help

  1. the project should brings me a full stop for my MFA journey
  2. i start living with my partner last year
  3. the “change of state” by my living experiences is kinda new experience to me
  4. in a good way, i start that so called “independent” life
  5. at the same time, there are always uncertainty happenings around me
  6. at first i treat that as my “fear” towards such “independent”
  7. i don’t want to simply put it into a cliche way to name it as ‘grow’
  8. by any means i would like to take it as a way to explore new possibilities
  9.  just like what i did in my own art, no matter it is sound, visual or any other fields
  10. the topic is named ‘[re:]capture’ since i like to bring up the idea of active / aggressive
  11. to capture something we need to take action by force; whereas recapture something we sometimes need to recover / recreate / re-experience
  12. i find it is the radical factor towards my way on how to do art
  13. in recent years i start dig back certain instruments / techniques on making sound
  14. different gesture / instrument establish its own operation
  15. to me, i always treat creating audio related output as similar as cooking
  16. in my own way, i would like to blend my ingredients altogether
  17. the mixture outcome recalls me of smoothie
  18. or, refer to the youtube channel, “will it blend?”
  19. if iphone will eventually blend into a mix of smoke & dust; what about different sound source?
  20. thus, that “blend” is my gesture / instrument
  21. and what i interested to do is to revisit the works i made in my MFA era; and look for a way to recapture them and reform one new amalgamation.
  22. right now i just build upon one set of effect unit so as to let any kind of raw materials go through it.
  23. collection of “smoothies” are going to be made

final title: [Re]capture


Line breaks: re|cap¦ture

Pronunciation: /riːˈkaptʃə/

Definition of recapture in English:



1Capture (a person or animal that has escaped):armed police have recaptured a prisoner who’s been on the run for five days

1.1Recover (something taken or lost):Edward I recaptured the castleLeeds failed to recapture the form which had swept them to the title

1.2Recreate or experience again (a past time, event, or feeling):the programmes give viewers a chance to recapture their own childhoods


[IN SINGULAR]Back to top  

An act of recapturing someone or something:the recapture of the harbour of Bahia



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Line breaks: cap|ture

Pronunciation: /ˈkaptʃə/

Definition of capture in English:



1Take into one’s possession or control by force:the island was captured by Australian forces in 1914

1.1(In chess and other board games) make a move that secures the removal of (an opposing piece) from the board:Black cannot capture the knight

1.2Astronomy (Of a star, planet, or other celestial body) bring (a less massive body) permanently within its gravitational influence:Jupiter’s gravity captured a small percentage of these planetesimals

2Record accurately in words or pictures:she did a series of sketches, trying to capture all his moods

3Cause (data) to be stored in a computer:these allow users to capture, edit, and display geographic data

4Physics Absorb (an atomic or subatomic particle):the free electrons were moving too rapidly to be captured by nuclei

5(Of a stream) divert the upper course of (another stream) by encroaching on its catchment area.


[MASS NOUN]Back to top  

1The action of capturing or of being captured:the capture of the cityhe was killed while resisting capture

1.1[COUNT NOUN] A person or thing that has been captured:figurative the player was a £2,200 capture from another team


capture someone’s imagination (or attention)
Fascinate someone:the project has captured the imagination of the local public





Mid 16th century (as a noun): from French, from Latin captura, from capt- ‘seized, taken’, from the verb capere.

Words that rhyme with capture

enrapture, rapture

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