by codenamehkproject

my objective in this semester is to make a sound art piece which can both standalone as a solid piece and as a mid-term result for the codenamehk  project. my idea is to gather a couple of field recordings materials with the help of the idea of sound map. i propose to gather 10-12 sound files at the end; and then the materials are going to be re-mix, re-arrange, morphing into one new organic work. hopefully the final outcome should not be an end but a opening to a ongoing sound project.

i’m interested to do sound works in my codenamehk  project because i’d like to present the idea of Heteroglossia. the noise/sound in our everyday practice is, to me, the most pure representation yet it is also controversial, especially when it deals with speech.

for the idea of sound map, i’d like to make use of it as an methodology. right now i’m trying to produce a series of 9:16 vertical strip of screenshots of google map. and my field recordings are supposed to be base on the screenshots i made. one idea i have is to superimpose the materials i have got so far and make into one big giant picture // whole bunch of noise.

another possible outcome is to make use of the technique of sound analysis and try to present the sound piece i have as 3d object. and i’d like to make them into a sound sculpture by then. or, the presentation can be an interactive light installation that embedded live sound performance.