Bernhard Leitner Acoustic Space//1985

by codenamehkproject

[…] Modern building technology and building economics have indeed shown almost total disregard for the fact that human beings need rooms with good, ‘live’ acoustic qualities. I am not talking about technical means of soundproofing and the like. Take the following solutions which are typical for our civilization: people are buried in rooms built out of concrete, and at the same time we are developing highly sophisticated stereo and quadrophonic hi fi technologies to allow some sounds to come alive in these spaces. In all the theory of modern architecture we find very little or nothing about the relationship of sound, space and body. The main concern has been, as we all know, to use architecture and town planning as a means of resolving social conflicts and problems. But even this effort was essentially dominated by the powerful hostility with which the Enlightenment regarded the human body. […]

Bernhard Leitner, statement from ‘Acoustic Space: A Conversation between Bernhard Leitner and Ulrich Conrads’, Daidalos, no. 17 (Berlin, September 1985).