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the deatils of how to rent a bus in hong kong



So Many People Don’t Live Here

So Many People Don’t Live Here

4-channel Audio features field recordings from the region and voices of villagers describing the history and abandonment of their village due to economic downturn.

Urban sound

Urban sound

Excerpt of the masterthesis Maag, T. (2013). Cultivating urban sound. Unknown potentials for urbanism.
Master program in urbanism of the AHO Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Designing the Urban Soundscape

Designing the Urban Soundscape

As the circulat…

As the circulating loudspeakers move towards or away from the listener, the sound waves are compressed or expanded and the pitch of the sound becomes higher or lower (depending on the relative velocity of each speaker) resulting in a tapestry of oscillating sound.

This phenomenon — known as the Doppler Effect — depends on the listener’s position, so conference visitors are invited to move underneath the installation to fully explore the variation in sound.

Humans, like al…

Humans, like all known things in the universe, are in constant motion, however, aside from obvious movements of the various external body parts and locomotion, humans are in motion in a variety of ways which are more difficult to perceive. Many of these “imperceptible motions” are only perceivable with the help of special tools and careful observation. The larger scales of “imperceptible motions” are difficult for humans to perceive for two reasons: 1) Newton’s laws of motion (particularly Inertia) which prevent humans from feeling motions of a mass to which they are connected, and 2) the lack of an obvious frame of reference which would allow individuals to easily see that they are moving. The smaller scales of these motions are too small for humans to sense.

Typically some sound is audible at any given moment, when the vibration of these sound waves reaches the ear drum it moves in response and allows the sense of hearing.

something about field recording


something about instrument…

i am sitting in a bus…

after a monthly practice of field recording, i find out the sound from the bus is the most interesting. it seems i can’t get anything from the telephone pickup mic on the ferry, the tram and even the red minibus. so maybe i will try focus on my sonic experiences from the bus practice. by using the telephone pickup mic, i can get a swelling kind of sound whenever the bus changes its speed. somehow, the sound records the movement i encounter. the everyday transportation contributes me the spatial practice of the sound i have. while Alvin Lucier’s trying to do it with tape loops & reverb; i’m here trying to focus on the EM wave we encounter during the transportation. the practice will finally end when the bus is at the terminal station, or, the day we run out of fuel.

4/3/2014 KCR train 4:16 pm onboard H4n stereo mic