Noise Flash

by codenamehkproject

Noise Flash

Noise flash is a project curated by Todd Anderson-Kunert. It’s a public, silent, experimental audio performance broadcast by short range FM radio transmitters. Noise Flash #1 was held in the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne on Sunday 7th April 2013. The performance went from 1pm until 1.45pm.

Performers were set up from the Central Lake, extending up the Central Lawn. They were asked to keep an approximate 10 to 15 meter diameter from other artists, but were allowed to pick their own location. Their equipment was acoustical silent (or close to), and the audio they were producing was sent into a radio transmitter.

In order to hear the performance, audience members are required to bring their own FM radio and headphones, tune in to the broadcast frequency, and then physically explore the environment.

Their proximity to the performers changes the audio they can hear. When close to a performer, their audio dominates what the audience member can hear. When between performers, the audio signal can blend with other performers, cut out, or cause any number of sonic artifacts.