codenamehk: heteroglossia

by codenamehkproject

On 8 May 2014, the piece codenamehk: heteroglossia finally performs in front of audiences

it is held @ 6/f study area, CMC, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong.

it is part of the project codenamehk, which features a series of artwork made by HO Him Shun, Bjorn.

The objective of the series is to make use of  art practices as a form of metanoia, so as to turn the negative energy of my everyday life towards a driving force for me to carry on in the city Hong Kong.

For codenamehk: heteroglossia, my focus is on the public transport we tackle everyday. for most hk people, the transportation system is something we cannot escape from everyday life. while each of the vehicles are filled with TV screen for brain wash advertisement, announcement in different languages or news repeatedly every 15minutes. i would like to look for a special sonic experience within the vehicle, maybe, to focus listening on the motor sound. i try to acquire a set of electromagnetic microphones so as to make some experiment on the listening exercise. by spending a couple of months doing the recording practice in different vehicles, finally i take the double-decked bus as my sole subject matter in this work. i try to make some field recordings on the bus and then i try to do a composition on the materials i got. the final outcome is later revealed as a live performance, while much more possibilities are welcomed.

when i do the composition of the piece, i try narrow down the number of sound clips i have in the beginning. i had only 8 tracks of sample for my to play with, and i try to apply a couple of filtering to the sound. i mainly use eq, reverb, delay and resonance filter. for the live, i start by bring up all the clips at the beginning, and then try to do the filtering, shaping the sounds, bringing them in & out & so on.

the results at that day is satisfactory and i would like to look for any chances for doing this performance more. also, more feedback will be welcomed.