revision of my recent performances & some thinkings after David Toop’s visit to HK

by codenamehkproject

codenamehk: man of a crowd

it is a tough decision on whether or not to carry on the show

the feeling is mixed on the number of audience; i do hope they can join the protest after the show

anyway it’s a work about field recordings, vinyl scratching and mixer-as-instrument

the starting point comes from Edgar Allan Poe’s story “the man of the crowd”

the final part in which i did a collaboration with VV is still something nice i guess

codenamehk: Oceania

it should be s simple setup peformance

i still get confused when doing a small scale show, what kinda loudspeaker should i carry with?

a bit messy in the end

and the language really stands as a border… in the work i have English monologue from movie ‘the cable guy’, a radio programme by our C.E. CY Leung, and a Taiwanese army song sung in mandarin; from the audiences feedback it seems like there’s really difficulties for people to get to understand the context behind

maybe the problem(?) (or what kind of word i should use) is due to the complexity of Hong Kong

david toop

i attend both the talk & performance and ehers’ some brief review

for the talk, my most memorable experience is the time when david mentioned about why he choose the job as a writer

because, he luvs music & he can earns money by writing on music

and, holy it’s the FACE !! also, i sometimes read his stuffz @ wire

i guess, hving a ‘healthy’ scene for the minority to share the thinkings within others is the key to success

for the performance, actually for david’s part i mostly enjoy the computer part

while it’s interesting to watch the other 2 performers at the same time

aki onda: umm, actually i was hoping to watch him playing with a bunch of cassette players but finally he only use few & what the sound he creates are mostly base on the line6 delay pedal

akio suzuki: really stunning to watch, i’m really impressed when he makes use of the U-shaped metal to creates a bunch of effects and reverbs, simple & smart.

and the performance suggests me to get a nice microphone if i want to do some percussion-alike stuffz

G-A-S again


asked jasper that the microphone they use for pick up is rode nt5