short review on sonic anchor #19

by codenamehkproject

Sonic Anchor #19
Looping Taiwan Looping
November 1, 2014
8 PM-9 PM
McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre


Dino (Taiwan)
Zhang You-Sheng (Taiwan)


This issue of Sonic Anchor brings you two of the most intriguing of Taiwanese noise scene – Dino and Zhang You-sheng. Dino is a central figure of the so-called “second noise wave” movement, a group of sound artists in Taipei who ushered in a new era of analog noise experiments. Zhang You-sheng is one-half of the legendary Kandala label – one of the most influential independent noise labels in Taiwan. You-sheng’s collaborative project Minkoku Hyakunen was recently awarded an honorary mention at the digital music and sound art category of Prix Ars Electronica. In this edition of Sonic Anchor, the two will play a double set that explores the many intricacies of “no-input improvisation” – a technique that exploits extremely minimal analog setups to creative ends, generating a rich array of circuitry sounds by frantically looping mixer noises and microphone feedbacks.

the duo performs with no-input mixer

as i know from the Q&A part, they decided to do so and thus carry not much gears to hong kong for the show

and then they were first trying to do the 2 performances sharing the same setup; but later chage their mind since the organiser offer them another mixer. by then ZYS gotta plays with no delay pedal

as normal sound performances do, the audience are not much familiar with the form and keeps asking simple question like ‘how to make the listening experience more pleasurable’ or ‘where should i focus on? should i do it like only listening? but i cannot help watching your hands tweaking the knobs on the mixer’

for dino, he said the only concern is that the venue in hong kong prohibits drinking & smoking; and he added that he focus only on himself when performing

for ZYS, since he developed his work from minimum to maximum, the beginning part is a bit silent; and while at the same time there’s a performance upstairs in the venue, there were once an strange listening experience with the mix of the 2 shows.

in the Q&A part i asked them how is it different between hong kong & taiwan for such an performance, both answer me as ‘there’s not that differences in fact.’