abt the 2 sides of the cassette

by codenamehkproject

cassette title:

cartridge memories    カートリッジのメモリー


the final outcome of my cassette tape is now renamed as “cartridge memories”; it was originally named ‘codenamehk: cartridge” but later i decided to make the cassette project a new series of artwork. i hope this is just another beginning of a new series of sonic artwork of mine.

the title is a homage to a song from the TV series Amachan (あまちゃん) which called 潮騒のメモリー (Shiosai No Memory). while the song brings us to our 17 years old time, my tape was intended to bring us the memories of the 1980s in its essence way.

the tape was made with the current available cassette tape i can get from the market. i remove all the labels on the tape to hopefully keep it in the most simplistic outlook. it is a 60min tape so each side is 30min.



side A

title: no input symphony (ノー・インプット・交響曲)


side A was a 25min one take experiment that i made with my 4track recording machine. i use the recorder as a 8input mixer & try to do a no-input exercise with it. 2 of the channels go into a feedback loop, 2 go to nothing & i try to touch the tip of the cable with my bare hand to create a static noise, 2 of them simply do nothing there but i try do the audio gain in maximum way, and last 2 are really nothing left there. i also make use of a portable guitar effect unit to serve as a effect send/return unit; while i amend the setting on the effect it dramatically change the sound of the output. i output the audio signal without inserting a tape into the unit but make use of the monitor out.

for 25mins i try to explore what kinda sound i can get from the 4track machine. from time to time i start slowly on how to control the sound that i desired. such a recorder is no longer a recorder in this way of practice but it’s a sound generator. in this way i try to question whether the relation between produce/record is still valid in a give/take practice.



side B

title: hymn of CRT TV (ブラウン管テレビ讃歌)


side B of the tape is another 25min of sonic journey. this time i try to play with a 80s CRT TV setand try to connect some guitar effect pedals into it to create a simple video synth. it was originally a project called ‘codenamehk: monolith’ which is a audio/visual composition. for the cassette i only include the audio part of the work. to complete the feedback loop i try to connect a telephone pickup microphone to the TV screen as an input to the efx chain. the outcome is a flow of noise swash, mainly like a sea of white noise, which we sometimes encounter on the malfunction CRT TV screen.

the CRT TV is another memorable technological artifact in the 1980s and i find out that only such kind of TV can offer such possibilities to experiment on the input. nowadays more advanced TV offer digital input whereas we cannot meet the white noise screen anymore. the more resolution, more finite of a picture/pixel we can get; the less possible ways for experiment on the formation of the image. the nature of how we perceive such projection of images on a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) seems like more simple, or direct, when compare with the latest LCD technology which requires a couple of filters before the images come to our naked eyes.

the title is another homage to the single of jpop group Momoiro Clover Z (ももいろクローバーZ ), 労働讃歌.