more on the 1987 tape

by codenamehkproject

as i recall, this is what my family had in the 80s & this is the machine that record the 1987 tape. other than my dad’s voice i recognized at the start of the tape, i can tell it is recorded at my parent’s room in our big family house. we lived in the 2/f of an apartment which got 14 floors in total. i remember when i open the window i can hear the people below shouting on the streets. in 1987 there was not yet MacDonald in tai kwok tsui, what we had there are just a couple of small scale convenient store & some small restaurants. also i can hear the cars passing by and horns while i was singing a song about the road safety. for the mosquito song i can tell i was moving along while singing since the recording shows my childhood voice varies.

i asked my mom about what the recorder is in the middle of the recording, so i guess i had no idea what a cassette recorder is before? i also mentioned something about TV game which i suppose should be the Vectrex my family had at that time. 


i kept asking my mom about the cassette tape recorder and somehow i was looking for a microphone to hold on, that is why i touched the machine and generated some noises. in the last part of the recording my mom kept asking me about my grandmother so she repeats ‘popo’ for a few times.




it is somehow interesting as we had the discussion about the tape weeks before. after recorded the tape, my mom seldom take it back to have a listen. it’s like as if the recording activity is more important than the playback procedure. my mom tried to do so only to provide me a snap record of myself in 1987; but seems not much more to be done after the tape is made. the act of recording since serves like a parent-child activity, just like some parents will bring the cildren to go to the park. i can tell my mom is not that serious about the recording since some years later she make use of the tape leftover to make another recording for her language learning practices. i felt a bit unhappy with it since the tape somehow takes me back to the 1987. anyway now i digitize the recording and thus my key to 1987 is always there on the internet.

there’s no turning back. but nostalgia is not that harm.