How it begins (edited from a email)

For years i have been trying to experimenting with different kind of art forms as a practice for my life as career. With a strong interest towards the city i am living in, Hong Kong, i focus on doing various artworks base on what i have found throughout my daily life in this place, with influences from situationist approach. Two main focuses i would like to introduce are the sonic experience in Hong Kong, and the everyday practice of the street Sai Yeung Choi Street South in Mong Kok.

Recent years there are debates around Hong Kong concerning the ever changing political atmosphere which frustrated part of the people living here, including me. Some suggest we lost a sense of belongings towards the city. I am interested in turning art practice as a way of metanoia so as to heal myself, and turning the negative energy towards a driving force for me to carry on. Hopefully soon we would be proud to present others that “we come from Hong Kong”, just like the old days. I believe so.

That brings me an idea towards my MFA experience i will encounter in the coming years in SCM. I would like to bring up an ongoing project throughout the whole MFA years. I would like to call it “Codename HK: ()”, which every time i would fill in different wordings inside the bracket. And, hopefully, that would leads us to my final work for the MFA.

Regarding my FYP in my BACM years, I did a dual screen projection with the street as my subject matter. This time I would like to take a step backward and try to have one border view at first. If this is meant by saying a Phase I for the whole project, I would like to start with collecting and reviewing the visual elements I need first. That is to say, I will bring up some photos, moving images, collages, etc as my basis for the SM5301.

Proposed Phase:
I — Images
II — Sound
III — 3D printing, CG, Programming, stuffz with computer
IV — mesh ups, cut ups, organize, destroy