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3 out of 6


current updates

for the past month, actually i’m trying to consolidate the stuffz for the final outcome

here are some sketches that i have in hand right now:


these are the clips that i dig out from my old iBook back in the 2007-2010; they serve as the building blocks for me




i decided to compose altogether 6 tracks for my final work

the tracklist are here:
a1 1984
a2 pier
a3 1394
b1 dismembered
b2 dialogue
b3 anshin

hopefully at least half of them will be ready when we meet up next time.
stay tuned.

bits & pieces

sometimes i guess point form can help

  1. the project should brings me a full stop for my MFA journey
  2. i start living with my partner last year
  3. the “change of state” by my living experiences is kinda new experience to me
  4. in a good way, i start that so called “independent” life
  5. at the same time, there are always uncertainty happenings around me
  6. at first i treat that as my “fear” towards such “independent”
  7. i don’t want to simply put it into a cliche way to name it as ‘grow’
  8. by any means i would like to take it as a way to explore new possibilities
  9.  just like what i did in my own art, no matter it is sound, visual or any other fields
  10. the topic is named ‘[re:]capture’ since i like to bring up the idea of active / aggressive
  11. to capture something we need to take action by force; whereas recapture something we sometimes need to recover / recreate / re-experience
  12. i find it is the radical factor towards my way on how to do art
  13. in recent years i start dig back certain instruments / techniques on making sound
  14. different gesture / instrument establish its own operation
  15. to me, i always treat creating audio related output as similar as cooking
  16. in my own way, i would like to blend my ingredients altogether
  17. the mixture outcome recalls me of smoothie
  18. or, refer to the youtube channel, “will it blend?”
  19. if iphone will eventually blend into a mix of smoke & dust; what about different sound source?
  20. thus, that “blend” is my gesture / instrument
  21. and what i interested to do is to revisit the works i made in my MFA era; and look for a way to recapture them and reform one new amalgamation.
  22. right now i just build upon one set of effect unit so as to let any kind of raw materials go through it.
  23. collection of “smoothies” are going to be made

10022016_CNY practice

abt the 2 sides of the cassette

cassette title:

cartridge memories    カートリッジのメモリー


the final outcome of my cassette tape is now renamed as “cartridge memories”; it was originally named ‘codenamehk: cartridge” but later i decided to make the cassette project a new series of artwork. i hope this is just another beginning of a new series of sonic artwork of mine.

the title is a homage to a song from the TV series Amachan (あまちゃん) which called 潮騒のメモリー (Shiosai No Memory). while the song brings us to our 17 years old time, my tape was intended to bring us the memories of the 1980s in its essence way.

the tape was made with the current available cassette tape i can get from the market. i remove all the labels on the tape to hopefully keep it in the most simplistic outlook. it is a 60min tape so each side is 30min.



side A

title: no input symphony (ノー・インプット・交響曲)


side A was a 25min one take experiment that i made with my 4track recording machine. i use the recorder as a 8input mixer & try to do a no-input exercise with it. 2 of the channels go into a feedback loop, 2 go to nothing & i try to touch the tip of the cable with my bare hand to create a static noise, 2 of them simply do nothing there but i try do the audio gain in maximum way, and last 2 are really nothing left there. i also make use of a portable guitar effect unit to serve as a effect send/return unit; while i amend the setting on the effect it dramatically change the sound of the output. i output the audio signal without inserting a tape into the unit but make use of the monitor out.

for 25mins i try to explore what kinda sound i can get from the 4track machine. from time to time i start slowly on how to control the sound that i desired. such a recorder is no longer a recorder in this way of practice but it’s a sound generator. in this way i try to question whether the relation between produce/record is still valid in a give/take practice.



side B

title: hymn of CRT TV (ブラウン管テレビ讃歌)


side B of the tape is another 25min of sonic journey. this time i try to play with a 80s CRT TV setand try to connect some guitar effect pedals into it to create a simple video synth. it was originally a project called ‘codenamehk: monolith’ which is a audio/visual composition. for the cassette i only include the audio part of the work. to complete the feedback loop i try to connect a telephone pickup microphone to the TV screen as an input to the efx chain. the outcome is a flow of noise swash, mainly like a sea of white noise, which we sometimes encounter on the malfunction CRT TV screen.

the CRT TV is another memorable technological artifact in the 1980s and i find out that only such kind of TV can offer such possibilities to experiment on the input. nowadays more advanced TV offer digital input whereas we cannot meet the white noise screen anymore. the more resolution, more finite of a picture/pixel we can get; the less possible ways for experiment on the formation of the image. the nature of how we perceive such projection of images on a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) seems like more simple, or direct, when compare with the latest LCD technology which requires a couple of filters before the images come to our naked eyes.

the title is another homage to the single of jpop group Momoiro Clover Z (ももいろクローバーZ ), 労働讃歌.

some recordings on soundcloud






source of the master.

some MORE experiments with CRT TV set & guitar efx

there’re a couple of experiments i did last 2 weeks for yuk’s final project

[yuk’s in charge of my Independent Studies project]

the original idea comes from the monolith @ stanley kubricks’s 2001 & the VHS

he suggested me to try do some Audio Visual work to integrate the works i am working with you currently


so here they are, these are some clips i made

all i have is just a Sharp CRT TV Set, a bunch of guitar effects (mainly korg ampworks, 4ms noise swash)


some experiments with CRT & guitar efx

4tracks as mixer

latest version

19112014_cassette01 19112014_cassette02


new gear:

ando cassette player


rite now i’m using input 3 & 4 with line out to create a feedback loop

also, i tried input 6 & 8 as another 2 tracks input

the aux send/return is routed to korg ampworks

input 1 & 2 hv no input but sometimes i will try maximize the gain to hear the noise behind

finally altogether i connect the headphone out of the recording session into the newly purchased ando portable cassette player



will soon try add more input, e.g. contact mic // telephone pickup mic

maybe try different guitar pedal with the send/return loop