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messing around with the system


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10022016_CNY practice

21012016_soundwalk practice

some recordings on soundcloud






source of the master.

4tracks as mixer

latest version

19112014_cassette01 19112014_cassette02


new gear:

ando cassette player


rite now i’m using input 3 & 4 with line out to create a feedback loop

also, i tried input 6 & 8 as another 2 tracks input

the aux send/return is routed to korg ampworks

input 1 & 2 hv no input but sometimes i will try maximize the gain to hear the noise behind

finally altogether i connect the headphone out of the recording session into the newly purchased ando portable cassette player



will soon try add more input, e.g. contact mic // telephone pickup mic

maybe try different guitar pedal with the send/return loop

some recording practices




with the slowest playing speed, i can get a cassette loop of running approx. 5.5 sec



test composition #2

just a brief one…

messing around with each of the tracks & try pushing each of them on /off


test composition #1

test composition #1

4/3/2014 KCR train 4:16 pm onboard H4n stereo mic