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Sonic Anchor #18 Virtuosic Electronica 聲音下寨 #18 電音旅行團


Sonic Anchor #18 Virtuosic Electronica


Performer: Vvzela Kook (China) + Bjorn Ho (Hong Kong)


CMHK prides itself for being a platform for homegrown emerging talents, and artists who deserve more attention. This edition of Sonic Anchor will feature two names in laptop electronica we think you should definitely get to know: Vvzela Kook and Bjorn Ho. Bjorn Ho is a guitarist, interactive designer and sound artist. His high-pitched, seductive and tone-rich electronica samples the noises of Sai Yeung Choi Street, and transforms them into a strange and beautiful chill-out groove. Vvzela Kook – a protégé of the legendary Chinese sound artist Yao Dajuin – received her training as a media artist at the China Academy of Art. Her superbly crafted, highly detailed and carefully tuned soundscape speaks with poeticism, a sense of structural balance, and an impressive virtuosity – if one could indeed be virtuosic with the laptop.

Post-performance Discussion will be held. Approx. 30 mins.

Tickets are now available at URBTIX outlets

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2111 5999

Audience members are strongly advised to arrive punctually. Hong Kong Arts Centre reserves the right to refuse admission of latecomers.
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聲音下寨 #18 電音旅行團


演出者︰曲倩雯(中國)+ 何謙信(香港)


「現在音樂」以提拔新晉藝術家的使命而自豪。「聲音下寨第十八擊」推介兩個於電腦音樂領域嶄露頭角的名字︰何謙信、曲倩雯。擅長結他、互動設計及聲 音藝術的何謙信,會以高亢而富有魅力的電子音樂演繹旺角西洋菜街的喧鬧繁華,並將之重組成優美獨特、令人放鬆的節奏。曲倩雯,中國傳奇聲音藝術家姚大鈞的 得意門生,曾於中央美術學院接受多媒體藝術訓練。她將會透過精巧細緻的聲音光景與詩情畫意來一次現場對話;平衡的音效結構,配以超凡技藝,為電子音樂的擁 躉帶來嶄新的藝術體驗。



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3 (or more) codenamehk project coming…

codenamehk: monolith (?)

codenamehk: man of the crowd (30/9/2014)

codenamehk: 13 (Dec, 2014)


stay tuned.

Research & production plan

as proposed,

field recording of different places @ once a week

  • jan – feb: composing 3-5 sound works
  • feb – mar: keep composing, yet trying to confirm what is the end product
  • mar – may: output at the end