messing around with the system


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some MORE experiments with CRT TV set & guitar efx

there’re a couple of experiments i did last 2 weeks for yuk’s final project

[yuk’s in charge of my Independent Studies project]

the original idea comes from the monolith @ stanley kubricks’s 2001 & the VHS

he suggested me to try do some Audio Visual work to integrate the works i am working with you currently


so here they are, these are some clips i made

all i have is just a Sharp CRT TV Set, a bunch of guitar effects (mainly korg ampworks, 4ms noise swash)


some experiments with CRT & guitar efx

Interacting with Inner and Outer Sonic Complexity: from Microsound to Soundscape Composition (Barry Truax)

Cassette: A Documentary

Cassette: A Documentary from Robert Gray on Vimeo.

codenamehk: man of a crowd

codenamehk: man of a crowd from bjorn HO on Vimeo.

Aki Onda

1st presentation_video

video by tsehiuyu

London Underground by Disinformation + Usurp

bonn hoeren: “grundklang bonn” by Sam Auinger